Master Class

The Course

This course is designed for experienced nail technicians who are looking to improve their skills and produce competition standard nails. The course covers all aspects of the product application and finishing techniques required for competition. Available to nail technicians who are happy with their salon nail skills but want to push their boundaries and compete with confidence.

The Content

  • Deep smile lines
  • Crisp definition between pink and white
  • Finishing to perfection
  • What the judges look for
  • C curves and apexes
  • Disappearing tips/perfectly placed forms

The Requirements

A minimum 2 years nail experience, be confident and have a high standard. Salon wear must be worn, hair should be tied back and nails must be natural with no polish or enhancements. A model with long nail beds, no damaged to the natural nail, nails free from enhancements. Please bring your own brush (minimum No 8 Kolinsky), tools and implements.

The Fee