Electric Filing Course

The Course

This is a one day course designed to teach the safe and efficient use of an electric filing machine. Electric files can add to the overall professionalism of your service, and help reduce the strain on hands, arms and shoulders. The course is suitable for both the inexperienced electric file user and for the experienced nail technician who wishes to improve existing electric filing techniques.

The Content

  • Health & Safety
  • How the electric file works
  • Safe filing techniques
  • The ‘Back-fill’
  • Electric file maintenance

The Requirements

All students must hold an NSI Foundation certificate, or equivalent, and must have at least 3 months experience with gel or acrylic. This course does not teach product application techniques. A model wearing enhancements which have 3 weeks growth for infill/backfill will be required from 11.00am. Please bring your own acrylic or gel brush and acrylic nippers and if possible your own electric filing system. Salon wear must be worn.

The Fee