Depilatory Waxing

The Course

This is a one day waxing course with an assessment day that is aimed at introducing this popular and highly profitable Salon Treatment. The course consists of a theory session with a full practical assessment. Emphasis is put on the ability of the therapist to perform a confident and competent wax treatment. You will learn the techniques of warm waxing and the basic theory of hot film waxing.

The Content

  • Introduction to waxing
  • Preparation and general practice
  • Anatomy and physiology of hair and skin
  • Product information covering the benefits and uses of warm wax, all crème waxes and hot wax.
  • Equipment demonstration, which includes detailed information on the equipment being used.
  • Application and removal of wax
  • Following the instructions and guidelines that have been presented, all students will then be required to perform a full wax treatment.

The Requirements

Students must have a certificate in one of the following: Hair/beauty, nails, sports therapy, aromatherapy or holistic therapy.

Day 1: Students are required to work on each other performing ½ leg, underarm and bikini line wax. Hair must be grown 2-3 weeks prior to class.

Assessment Day: Models are required, as this is an assessment day. Students are to perform ½ leg, underarm and bikini line in commercially viable time.

The Fee